Celestron Nexstar 8SE Review

Have you been looking for a telescope that has stood the test of time? There is no doubt that this telescope is iconic. The highly regarded telescope was first introduced into the market in 1970. It is good to know that the original instrument packed an excellent sized aperture. The compact-sized telescope comes at an affordable price. The unique optical tube has made this telescope stand out.

Over the years, this telescope has been considered as one of the biggest telescopes. It comes from the iconic orange tube family. This telescope has been manufactured by Celestron. It has emerged as the perfect choice for beginners. Are you a dedicated hobbyist who has been looking for a tool to make amazing optical quality? This is the ideal choice in that case. It has been designed with a lot of light-gathering power.

We will discuss all the fundamental aspects of this telescope in this review. We will later provide you with some reliable recommendations and conclusions. This will enable you to make a sound buying decision.

This telescope model is one of the manufacturer’s unique telescopes. This telescope model joins top telescopes in the market that normally combine refraction and reflection into a portable unit. Do you know that the combination of the gazing methods will allow the users to achieve the maximum possible clarity? You will be able to get fine details in the nighttime sky. These features will help you capture the best advantages of both methods.

Away from that, the perfect combination of this telescope allows it to create a good compact scope. This is achieved with its single angle construction. That’s the main reason why this telescope is easy to set-up. You will take it down within several minutes. The results will be a scope that allows the most dedicated users to enjoy the nighttime sky easily. Stargazers can use it anywhere and anytime.

You might be wondering why this telescope has been gaining a lot of popularity in the last couple of years. It is unique from the other telescopes since it has been designed with an 8-inch aperture. The aperture allows the telescope to capture enough light within a short time. More light will improve the overall viewing experience since it will emphasize clarity and accuracy. Many people who use this telescope have been claiming that they can easily use the scope in combination with other common accessories. This is of great help more so when it comes to achieving appealing astrophotography.

People who have been using this telescope for a while have praised it simply because it provides good experience in a stargazing event. Do you know that you can easily see fine details of the dust storm on Mars? Also, the Great Red Spot that is found in Jupiter is observable with this telescope. Do you want to see the rings on Saturn? This is the right time to use this telescope. If you have used it in the past, you can agree with me that indeed the images are very clear and sharp. This telescope has proved that it can align itself with any nighttime object.

Consumers have the freedom to align the scope. You can achieve this by focusing it on three nighttime objects. Also, it is said that it can provide a database of more than 50,000 objects. This will help star viewers to view the objects of their wish. There have been some complaints about this telescope. Users have been complaining about noisy operation and vibration. Also, there are some minor design inconveniences in this telescope. However, it has received numerous reviews on portability and accuracy. The low price makes this telescope an appealing choice for many stargazing enthusiasts. The portability feature mean that you can easily carry it around. The easy to set up features makes the highly regarded telescope an appealing choice. If you are not experienced in using a telescope, you don’t have to worry about it. You will always have an easy time when using this device.

Mount capabilities

This telescope works well with C8 tube assembly. It is the best for extremely high magnifications. You can consider this telescope more so if you prefer using heavy accessories. Although 8SE takes AA batteries, it is advisable to use DC power supply. However, it is good to keep the batteries safely in the battery compartment. What is the main reason behind this? AA batteries might be beneficial especially when the external power is lost accidentally. You will be required to reboot the scope if you don’t have an internal backup.

The optical tube

The manufacturer has been producing similar products since 1970. Over the years, their scopes have undergone various design changes. Optically, this telescope is pretty good. All that you need to do is to point the scope at a star or any other object in the sky. Thumbscrews are the best in replacing the screws. However, thumbscrews might interfere with attaching the lens cap.

Key features

Compact and portable. There is no doubt many people would prefer a portable telescope. That’s the reason why the manufacturer included this factor. Compatibility makes this telescope an excellent choice for camping trips. 
Easy for Astrophotography. The 8SE has been designed with a built-in wedge. This feature aligns the telescope. With a camera adaptor, you will easily connect your DSLR camera. 
Extended features with compatible accessories. The manufacturer has included features that make this telescope to be compatible with the most popular accessories. 

What should you expect from 8SE?

This telescope has been designed for serious observers. This telescope will provide beginners with years of stargazing experience. You can use it before upgrading to a more capable tool. What was the main idea behind this telescope? The idea was to offer a rounded product that would help users to track planets easily. It works in a quick and friendly manner.

Final thoughts

As you can see, Celestron Nexstar 8SE is one of the best telescopes in the market. Besides coming with the recent state of the art technology, this telescope is durable.

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